End of a Season

Looking back on this year I can see that I’ve been pulled and stretched in so many different ways. Through the stretching and pulling, I’ve also seen that there is so much more to literature than I even thought possible. My mind has been opened to new techniques in writing and feel like I’ve grown so much as a writer through the course of the year and that I’ve learned how to really appreciate other writer’s work.

When I started out this year, I was overwhelmed with the daunting world of writing. Before this class I had always thought that good writers were just born with the talent of writing, so you either had the gift or you didn’t. I had no idea that there were so many different tools and techniques that those great writers used, or that you can always get better. The realization of the vast world I had just stepped into was both exciting and intimidating.

Now at the end of the long, yet rewarding, journey of AP Lang, I feel like a completely different person as a writer. I have grown and learned so much through being pushed and reading so many amazing authors’ works. Going forward and moving on, I want to keep learning and writing so that I can get better and better. Now that I have seen so many other people’s works who were in class with me and outside class, I want to continue learning and aspire to improve my writing. It has been a wonderful year of hard work, and sometime frustrating moments, but in the end it changed the way I see writing and even the world around me.


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