End of a Season

Looking back on this year I can see that I’ve been pulled and stretched in so many different ways. Through the stretching and pulling, I’ve also seen that there is so much more to literature than I even thought possible. My mind has been opened to new techniques in writing and feel like I’ve grown so much as a writer through the course of the year and that I’ve learned how to really appreciate other writer’s work.

When I started out this year, I was overwhelmed with the daunting world of writing. Before this class I had always thought that good writers were just born with the talent of writing, so you either had the gift or you didn’t. I had no idea that there were so many different tools and techniques that those great writers used, or that you can always get better. The realization of the vast world I had just stepped into was both exciting and intimidating.

Now at the end of the long, yet rewarding, journey of AP Lang, I feel like a completely different person as a writer. I have grown and learned so much through being pushed and reading so many amazing authors’ works. Going forward and moving on, I want to keep learning and writing so that I can get better and better. Now that I have seen so many other people’s works who were in class with me and outside class, I want to continue learning and aspire to improve my writing. It has been a wonderful year of hard work, and sometime frustrating moments, but in the end it changed the way I see writing and even the world around me.


What do we do with Technology?

When pondering over the effects of technology, I can’t help but remember the mentality of the Roman people near the end of their empire’s reign: “Bread and Circuses.” All the Roman people wanted was to be fed and entertained, which in many ways seems to be where our generation is going. Has technology caused us to make entertainment and enjoyment our main priorities in life?

From six second videos to smartphones, our generation has created an on the go lifestyle for short attention spans. An argument for this newly emerging culture, is that now more time has been created for other day to day activities. To get the latest news, we no longer have to drive out and by a newspaper, all that information is at the tips of our fingers and we are able to get it all with a couple swipes on our smart phones. There is also no need to waste time shopping for clothes or rugs or flower vases, or really anything that is needed. With a quick trip to the amazing world of the internet, any of these items can be purchased and then delivered within the week. So technology itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. It has the ability to save us spending unnecessary time in a number of areas. The trick is, technology is only really beneficial if it is saving us from spending time doing several time draining, so that we can spend it doing something more beneficial, like spending time with family, getting exercise, getting out into the world, etc. Technology becomes more dangerous than beneficial when it takes our time rather than giving it back to us. Going to Amazon and buying a new pair of tennis shoes so that you don’t have to drive all the way to the store and buy them, after spending thirty minutes trying to find a pair that fit and you like, would be a time saver, but if that saved time was then used on YouTube or social media apps, the time is then taken back by technology rather than saved.

Technology can be a good thing if used properly. It has the ability to give us back time to spend with family and friends or out enjoying God’s beautiful creation, but it also can be dangerous, in that it is very easy to get lost in technology to where it takes our time rather than giving it back us. Our job is to learn how to control technology rather than allowing it to control us.