The Difficulty of Abortion

Often times when arguing it s easy to lose one’s head and think that those arguing against us are outright dumb for believing what they do. I know that I am guilty of this.

Abortion is something that is very controversial is modern society and there are varying opinions on the topic. These range from those who believe it to be the mother’s choice what she does with her body and that includes abortion, there are those who believe abortion to be wrong and equivalent to murder no matter what the conditions, and then there are those that fall in the middle of the two.

The main issue with the arguments surrounding abortion, is that not everyone agrees when a baby is considered a living human being. This is why some believe that abortion for any reason is alright, because if they do not believe that the baby is a person until they are born, then there is nothing morally wrong with having an abortion. It would then be alright for a woman to do what she wants and can have the option of an abortion, because that baby is nothing more than part of her body until it is born.

On the other side, there are those who believe that a baby is a person the moment they are conceived. This would make abortion murder at any stage in the pregnancy and no different from killing the baby outside the mother’s womb. This in effect changes abortion from being the mother’s choice as it involves just her body, to a situation involving another human being.

There is another group of people that walks a line somewhere in the middle of these two beliefs. They believe that abortion is on some level wrong, but there should be exceptions made for special circumstances. For example is a woman is raped and gets pregnant, they should not have to go through with the pregnancy as it may be traumatic for them. There is also the argument for if a girl of twelve or thirteen gets pregnant and there is a high chance of her not being able to make it and dying as a result of the pregnancy.  

While these are all varying beliefs that seem to all relate through trying to do what is best for a specific group of people, a solution to the argument can only be found through an agreement on when a baby is officially considered a human being with and lie and soul.

The argument for women being able to make decisions concerning their body, while in some ways reasonable, is really only a reasonable option if that baby growing inside her is not considered a person. The argument for exceptions concerning abortion is also a difficult path to walk, because I believe that it is very hard to walk a middle line in this case. One either has to believe that abortion is equivalent to murder, or that it is not. One can not believe that something is wrong, but that there are exceptions, because then in this case abortion is not being seen as murder of an innocent baby, because if it was being compared to this it is unlikely that as many exceptions would be made for the action.

Ultimately it come down to whether that baby growing in his/her mother’s womb is a living human being. Without agreeing on this, both sides are seemingly justified in their reasoning and their decisions.


3 thoughts on “The Difficulty of Abortion

  1. Janet, this was a well written post in response to the prompt. You are able to depict the three different positions on the matter of abortion with their supporting statements. Then you narrow the topic down, or see through the core to decide what really is the principle element that decides and differentiates the positions. Your conclusion in the end then clearly states the main idea of the post, effectively concluding the post. One small improvement you could make is reading over the post for grammatical errors, especially misspelled words. Other than that, great job!


  2. Janet
    Great post. You don’t get carried away with this controversial topic and you present all sides of the argument with clarity. You have have a few grammatical errors here and there, but that can be easily fixed with a once-over. Overall, well done.


  3. Janet, you are able to effectively condense a very complex topic into two categories, those who believe unborn babies are humans, and those who don’t. I appreciate that you address the arguments for both sides of the debate and then eventually let the reader form their own conclusions. I especially like your last paragraph. The controversy of abortion depends solely on one’s definition of “person”, and each side can be justified within their definition. My primary advice is simply to edit your posts thoroughly. There are a number of typos that detract from the general tone. Very small edits can be made like adding an apostrophe in the first sentence or putting the missing letter back in the word “life”. Also, the first paragraph seems a little out of place. I think it’s valid, but it doesn’t add to the point you are making; it’s not referred to again. But besides that, very well-reasoned and well-written post!



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