What is a Resume?

One thing that has made me genuinely worried about my future is the fact that I have absolutely no clue how to write a resume. I have no idea how I would even start it. I mean how would you even start it? “Hi, my name is…and I really want this job because of…, and I would be good at this job because of…, so please give me this job.” Well after some research I have found out there is a bit more to it that that, actually quite a bit more.

The surface level of a resume consist of where you got your education, where you have worked, and recommendations that people have written for you. This is just the first level. There is then a matter of discussing what you can bring to the job and the organization you are trying to work for and what that job can do to help you grow in knowledge and experience.

There is also several techniques on what you should and should not put in a resume. One do not that is commonly not followed is expressing what you can contribute to the job more than what the job can contribute to you. Employers are looking for people to contribute to their team or organization and they want to know how you can contribute more than how they can help you. They also want to know about you, but one has to be careful about not being too personal on their resume. Along those lines there is also the importance of formality. The language used in a resume needs to be formal so that the people reviewing it will know that you know what you are doing and take you seriously and hopefully consider you for the job.

There is a lot that goes into writing a resume and after looking into it I am glad I don’t have to write one in the near future. I would say though, that I am more familiar with the process and the idea of it doesn’t seem as daunting.



  1. If  Claude McKay was an Animal, he would be an owl, because he had a distinctive voice that was eerie and recognizable. He also carried with him wisdom that he desired to share with those around him.
  2. If he was a Plant, he would be a sunflower, striking and bold in his speech and message.
  3. If he was an Article of Clothing he would be a pair of jeans that we’re a bit too tight. McKay’s constant talk of racial issues would have been uncomfortable to the people of that time. McKay was the tight pair of jeans, that grow more and more uncomfortable until the person needs to change into a different pair of jeans, just like the people in McKay’s time needed to change the way society was run.
  4. If McKay was a Day of the Week he would be Sunday. He lived his life constantly trying to point out moral issues in society regarding race. His constant regard for right and wrong.
  5. If he was a Food he would be a gourmet meal; not very common, but unique and carrying some level of importance.
  6. If he was a Color he would be a soft green, because he was bold and stood out in his time, but also desired connection and closeness with his neighbors.
  7. If McKay was a Geometric Shape he would a triangle; a defined and familiar shape, but not one you would find often in your everyday life.
  8. If he was a  Fragrance he would be the smell of the earth after it’s just rained. There is something familiar and yet renewing about the smell of rain and McKay was a fairly well known man and spent his life trying to change and bring new life to the society around him.
  9. If he was a Type of Building he would be a lighthouse, standing strong against the crashing waves. McKay stood strong against the opposing pressures in his life and like a lighthouse, he shone light into the perpetual dark and grey seas for all to see.
  10. If he was a Word, he would be the word bold. Everything that McKay did was bold. His beautifully written poems boldly exposed problems in society. The way he lived his life boldly attempting to make changes to the racist culture that surrounded him.
  11. If McKay was a Musical Instrument he would be a trumpet, loudly playing its tune in a way that is pleasing to the ear. McKay wrote about the social inequalities of racism through his beautifully written sonnets that are pleasing to the ear.
  12. If he was a Season of the Year he would be autumn. Autumn is a season that makes the preparations for winter and in many ways, McKay pushed and waited for a period of full equality for African Americans.
  13. If he was an Appliance he would be a microwave; not quite appreciated as much as it should be and in many ways one of the most futuristic things in the kitchen. McKay was in many ways before his time with his ideas and thoughts.
  14. If he was a Natural Phenomenon he would be an earthquake. He tried to cause cracks in the society of his time and expose what was going on underneath the smoothly paved roads and seemingly perfect cities.
  15. If Claude McKay was a Literary Character he would be Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen’s book, Pride and prejudice. Like Elizabeth, McKay was not afraid to speak his mind and did so through his poems. Both were also not afraid of being different and standing out in their societies.