I’ve never enjoyed research, because what typically follows is some sort of paper. I love learning about people and the world around me though. I will spend hours online looking up various topics trying to find out everything I can. This has never really seemed like research to me, because I normally associate research with collecting facts for some sort of purpose, like a paper, but in several ways it is.  I would argue though, that the type of research I do alone for general knowledge is not the type of research that would be good for an education purpose, or to try and inform others on that topic. This kind of research is effective for obtaining general knowledge on a topic, but not for trying to educate others on a topic. There has to be legitimate sources to back up arguments and information shared to educate the public, because you are presenting that information as facts. If statements are made from a source that is a journal or blog, the information in those sources could be opinion based rather than factual based. It is the obligation of someone, when passing along information, to find out whether or not that information is factual.

The credibility of sources is super important. Information that is passed on now a days has been often times distorted due to people just not being careful with where information is coming from. With the availability of the internet, now pretty much anyone can write down and share their thoughts on any topic. This has made trying to find reliable and truth based sources like trying to find a needle in a haystack. As a result of the growing difficulty in finding reliable sources, it has become even more important to make sure that information that we are passing along is truthful. If not, we just become part of the cycle of false information and confusion.


One thought on “Research

  1. Janet, well done! You did a great job in establishing your position and interweaving it with what you think research means. Starting by defining the words in a question itself is helpful. You also stated your opinions to be clear in what you wanted to stay. One small improvement you could make is in your fourth sentence. Your “but in several ways it is” threw me a little off track of what your were saying. However otherwise, I liked reading your post!


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