My Canvas

I have spent a number of years, half my life actually, immersed in cultures that are very different from the one I grew up in. In fact I would say that I have walked through life rather like a blank canvas, and everywhere that I visit or live, leaves a new color splattered across its surface. The blank canvas now is a mess of colors and I hope to add many more in my lifetime.

These different colors have shaped me and changed who I am. I have been blessed to live in a community full of people with colorful canvases and have not had to worry about finding a way to fit in. I have never had to hide the things that make me different, because the in community I am a party of, the difference we have only serve to make our stories unique.

The only place I have truly felt the weight of my difference is when I return home, to the place I was born. Now don’t get me wrong, that place holds its own special piece of my heart and has its own color on my canvas, but it is not a place that I truly belong. The truth is that I no longer belong anywhere. Multiple countries have a hold of my heart, so it does not belong to one single place.

All of the vibrant colors of these places have changed the way I see life and people as well. Every time I meet someone from somewhere new, my world grows even larger. Countries then become more than just a place on a map. they become real and precious to me. The flavors, sights, and sounds around me hold remarkable secrets of the cultures to which they belong. I hope that one day I will be able to taste, see, and hear them all.


2 thoughts on “My Canvas

  1. Janet I really enjoyed this post. Your comparison between your life and the canvas with different spots of color was an effective example, and you tied it well throughout your entire post. Your post flowed beautifully, and never lost interest or strayed from your main point. The only critique I would have is in the very last sentence, you talk about flavors, sights, sounds, etc. which hadn’t been referred to previously and might have been stronger if you used the canvas analogy; especially since in the concluding sentence you could wrap up all the previous statements. Overall really well done I loved reading this and can’t wait to read more!


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